Start with a simple floor buffing in Southfield & Dearborn, MI

Prolong the Life Span of Your Floors

Even if you invest in top-notch flooring, you'll still need to maintain them so that they don't fall into disrepair prematurely. 24/7 Cleaning Service LLC provides floor maintenance services for clients in Southfield, Dearborn, MI and surrounding areas.

You can reduce the toll that daily scuffing takes on your floors with a simple floor buffing and polishing project. Plus, clean floors improve the safety of your business. Learn more about the benefits of maintaining your floors from our team today.

Expect a simple process for getting clean floors

Expect a simple process for getting clean floors

Keeping your floors in peak condition shouldn't be a headache. You can expect us to follow these simple steps for floor maintenance:

  • First - remove all dirt and grime with a thorough cleaning
  • Next - buff all the scuff marks off of the floor
  • Finally - polish the floor to give it a shine you can see your reflection in

Our community-based business proudly helps other local businesses maintain a clean and professional appearance. Call 313-299-3008 now for a free estimate on our floor buffing and polishing services.